Yosemite, California – May 3rd 2017

Yosemite was a pretty great place to kick off our site seeing adventuring.

The Entrance into Yosemite National Park, Was not sure we were going to fit.

Staci made a picnic lunch and we ate here just taking in the view of Half Dome. It actually was the best view we had all day made even Better by sharing it together. 


Waterfalls everywhere you looked on the Day we were there. We both love them so this was a bonus for us as shown in the next couple of photos. Side note: No idea who the couple in the photo are! 

Found a Fire Station and of course if you look close you can see a waterfall up above our Heads. A two birds with one photo bonus. If you Love Granite Rocks and I mean Big Granite Rocks, Waterfalls and Meadows in a Idyllic setting, then Yosemite is for you.

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