Von Trapp Family Lodge – Stowe, Vermont – September 19th 2017

Staci was all excited to see this place. Hint the Sound of Music Family. Turns out the original lodge had burned down, but they still had some interesting facts and photos about the Family. So as Staci told me no history she could touch, heavy sigh, much remorse. The next photo tells you why they did build it here though.

This is the reverse photo of where we were standing for the previous photo and you can see the view is off the charts even for Vermont.  They basically owned the entire Mountain Top. You can grab a bite to eat on a patio with this view. Of Course we had just eaten. You have seen how much planning we put into these adventures. None!!!  So that didn’t happen for us. Staci was also still getting over her disappointment it was not the original lodge and could not muster the desire to eat on a fake patio. And Yes Jean for some reason that same cute couple keeps showing up in all our shots.