Puppy Choosing Day at the Farm- September 23rd 2017

Us at the Bernese Mountain Dog farm and Sawyer and Judi’s Choosing Day. What is a Choosing day you say? Here is the Story and it is a story so settle in. We have been hanging with Sawyer and Judi all Week. They had at one point, 35 dogs at their farm. 8 adult bernese mountain dogs and 3 litters of puppies (27 seven puppies) totaling 35. To be fair they were babysitting 1 adult dog so only 34 were theirs. We have been there when they fed them and the neighborhood kids come and help. Well the kids hold the puppies mostly, but do help some. The puppies are really cute and Staci has been playing with them knowing that we are not getting a puppy, because we are traveling. One has been falling asleep on my foot for the past week and she continues to tell me how cute she looks. I remind her not now but once we stop traveling we can think about a puppy. Now these puppies have been photographed up the Wazoo and homes found for 24 of the 27. Judi says the 3 will also have homes in a couple of days. The Choosing Day is where all these Families make the trek to the Farm and when I say trek. I am talking Serious trek time. Multiple families traveled hours with the winner this time being a 5 hour drive (10 hour round trip). They choose their puppy in the order of Deposit received. Chaos comes to mind and it is a controlled Chaos with Judi keeping it organized with all the puppies. So the story continues in the next photo.

These puppies are at the door to their Kennel and this is the first time they have come out. They are hysterical in that the 2 inch step might as well be a 1000 ft cliff to them. So they come out and 1 falls asleep at my foot. Now you know Haley, Ashley and Courtney I do appreciate a good nap in the middle of Chaos. So I like her and vow to take a interest in who she goes to. 

This is what 27 puppies who decide you are a safe Haven look like. Sawyer is laughing, I think because she told me to watch the puppies and she was not sure who was watching who. 

Now we were not there all day on Choosing day, but we did arrive and I still stand by the Jacuzzi was fixed and working while we were there. I digress though. So this photo is one of the 3 puppies that was not chosen. Staci is realizing that is the one that has been sleeping on my foot and now has gone to sleep in her arms after she came running up to Staci. She went to sleep even though the other puppies were making a fuss. Staci tells me the puppy is using Puppy Voodoo Magic on her, getting her to love her. Uh oh a warning twinge, and timmmmmmme seems to stop, but she tells me she knows we can not travel with a puppy. Ahh the world is good and time flows normal. I turn to my job of watching the puppies. Okay the puppies and I were napping as a group and very happy doing it I tell you. These puppies do not get to go home with their families for another 4 weeks. Someone who understands them needs to nap with them. That’s right a 10 hour round trip just to pick their puppy. Not take them home. At this photo moment I knew I was in serious trouble. Look at her Face, she is silently screaming this is the puppy who chose us. She set her down and even with the Chaos she came up to me and laid down on my foot, Again. Okay now even I realize fate is trying to tell me something. I’m crazy comes to mind first, but hey don’t mess with fate I say. 24 puppies have chosen their family and this one is still here. Okay I will think about it, I tell Staci. You would have thought we might have a shot at the Lotto the way she hugged and kissed me.

Now a little back story, before I even knew Sawyer was raising Bernese Mountain Dogs, out of all the Breeds of Dogs I told Staci about 3 to 4 years earlier, I wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog. But I always have maintained that the dog should choose you. Well we told Sawyer and Judi Hold that Puppy for us. What was I saying. We have no room for a Dog. We told them we wanted to think about it over night. I realized it was not going well for me when after we stopped to eat on the way home. Staci said let’s go back and make sure she is okay. I was able to say Sawyer and Judi were tired and probably sleeping after a really long day. Let’s go home and discuss it. 

Yeah you see where One night of discussion ended up. Welcome to the Family Cheyenne. Right now she is staying with her 26 Brothers and Sisters learning how to be a good socialized puppy. We are looking forward to Cheyenne coming home on the 20th of October.

A great photo of all of us. We are laughing because the young neighborhood girl taking the photo kept leaning with the i pad computer to get the shot straight. It was a really one of those you had to be there moments, But I think Sawyer and Judi are laughing because we are thinking about giving Cheyenne a home. Either way a really cool photo with the Bernese Mountain Dog banner in the background. There are a few stories about the banner as well, but another time.

Now at this time Sawyer and Judi, Thank you for letting Cheyenne choose us and you letting us keep her.