Jill/Sawyer and Judy’s Place – Eden, Vermont – September 18th 2017

This photo is the front of Sawyer’s and Judi’s house. Sooo we finally arrived at why we came the Northern Route on our Trip. To See my Sister and spend time with her and Judi. We got to her place actually before her. Thus we discovered she has now 2 homes and 40 acres of land that is awesome. Of course she never thought that 62 foot of Rig needed to come down her Driveway. What were you thinking? Once down to her place there is plenty of space for the Rig, just a little iffy getting that much rig down there. Thus why the Maplewood RV photos. lucky for us they were just ten minutes down the road. Oh almost forgot we made friends with the 35 Bernese Mountain Dogs at her place. You read right 35. More of that in the following posts.

Sawyer and Judi were fantastic hosts. We don’t have a photo of the first night. We once again enjoying ourselves so much on the back Deck with everyone we forgot photo’s. This photo is of one of our trips to the local lake with the Party Barge they recently bought. The Lake we cruised around would be exactly what Staci and I have been looking for in size. Just one little problem. They have a snow removing plan. So instead we had fun and plan to visit and go out on their Boat in the Summer.

As you can see, a rough day out on the Lake. Yes it is that Beautiful.

I asked the Queen of the Boat Judi to come on over for a group photo. She said she was not leaving the Sun I had to come to her. 

Yeah, I went over and got a photo. Justin was relaxing and said really you want me to turn my head. 

I think this photo is the Girls Celebrating the successful removing of the Boat, from the Lake. Or could be them just waving, but Jill says the boat removal is still a little sketchy. So I am going with Celebrating.

Why this photo? Staci found that this was very creative and Judi made it. That was good enough for me. In it goes. Now my only question Sawyer is why is it down in the basement. Just asking? I liked it and thought why not upstairs as well. 

Kayla this one is for you

Okay, so now this is Judi and Kayla. along with some other members of the Family. Which is a great segway into the Puppy Choosing Post.

I would like to take the time here to thank all of you for making our visit to your place truly memorable and enjoyable. You made the time and the effort to treat us like we are Family. Wait we are, So maybe I should say you treated us great even though we are Family. Thank you once again.