Eastern most point in USA – West Quoddy Head, Maine – September 28th 2017

Well here we are in the most Eastern Point in the USA at Sunrise. 6:21 am in the morning following a 3 hour Drive from Bangor, Maine. Yes we got up at 3 am to drive here. Can you see the Sun in the background. Welllll you probably have to squint through the rain, clouds, and lightning. Yeah we can say the lightning struck us first before anyone else. Actually had to move closer to the stone and away from the fence because of the storm. Leaning on the chain link fence probably not the smartest thing to do in a lightning storm. WE can truly say that the first light actually touched us before anyone else, just not Sunlight. 

Us at the Marker showing where we are. Now been to the West Coast Pacific Ocean and East Coast Atlantic Ocean. Staci loves having seen Both Oceans and of Course touching them. 

Yes you can see the lighthouse lit up because it was still Dark people. We were kissing in the rain fools, with lightning crashing around us. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest.

The rocks off the coast of West Quoddy Head. If you look close you can see a boat in the top right area. Yes a boat, and you call me Crazy. 


The Lighthouse as we were leaving. Still no Sun, but on the plus side the Lightning had quit.

The view leaving West Quoddy Lighthouse was eerie and really cool. Just a thought here Eastern most point in the USA and it’s named West Quoddy Head. Ohh well Vermont. Come on are you not following the Blog that is definitely Funny. Staci laughed at it. Oh now she says for the record it was a pity Laugh. Agghhhh!!!