Cady’s Falls – Somewhere in, Vermont – September 20th 2017

Driving down a back road on the way to see my Sister, because we have time to kill before we hang out with Sawyer and Judi. We see this small bridge, I slow down because of the one car only bridge and halfway across Staci exclaims Ohhh MY, out loud. Scares a few years out of me and I do not have a lot to give you know. I’m thinking holy crap as we are on the bridge. Is someone going to crash into us. Nooo she says look at the river and falls. I glance and say Holy Cow that is beautiful, of course I am quick to add not as beautiful as you baby. She is Happy and I get a chuckle and a kiss. Life is good. Amazing what is out there to see on the roads less traveled. 

Just a beautiful river and falls located in a small nothing place out in the middle of nowhere.  

Of course we needed the prove you were there shot. What you are not hearing from Staci is “I can’t see. why are we facing this way? I am trying to open my eyes. You know I am sensitive to the light! Why are you trying to push me in the River?

Ahhh here is the photo I intended to use. LOL    Oh if you have the answer to why the Name Cady’s falls send us the answer please. It haunts Staci there was no sign or description at the falls. Not as much as the sun, Did you get Haunt, Vampire, Staci, Sun. Oh come on I am just throwing these out like big old softballs people. They really are punny if you think about it. Yes I do sometimes think funny thoughts in my head and laugh out loud.