Bar Harbor, Maine – September 28th 2017

Why go to Bar Harbor I asked Staci when we drove off the Canada Island to be named later. She said she wanted to see it. Turns out Bar Harbor is pretty Famous. Who knew? Just Staci and only everyone in Canada and the rest of the United States. Not sure why I never heard of it before, but before today I had no idea it existed. Now I know. Thank you Baby for saying you had to see it. 

We ate on the Terrace of the Bar Harbor Inn looking out at the Bay with sailing ships.  A fantastic lunch with an incredible view of Bar Harbor Bay. This place is also famous for fresh lobster. So I had some kind of fancy plate of it and other seafood. It delivered and I highly recommend eating there. 

Looking back to where we ate on the Terrace at Bar Harbor Inn. I felt Hoity toity while there. But my Baby made me look good with her by my side, so I gave her my Flower off my Plate for her Hat. The Waiters said they had never seen that before. Apparently you were suppose to eat it. The rich really do live differently.

The inside of Bar Harbor Inn fancy restaurant overlooking the Bay. Because Staci wanted to touch it silly people. 

Now we moved on to driving thru Acadia National Park. Not sure the Scenery is coming through the camera lens. It is really spectacular and you are driving right next to it.

So how gorgeous is it in person. Staci thinks it might be her Favorite National Park. Yes and she is a National Park Girl. Following this website/blog you know we have been to all of the great National Parks so if the photos don’t show it put it down on your list of places to see. Me I am just glad to remember the name Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Remember the Canada Island to be named later. I think what stunned Staci was the rocks on the shore, islands and even out in the sea just off the Beach. I do think you need to see it. Just it is not close to anything. So if you come book a room somewhere on Bar Harbor or you could do like we did not plan and spend 15 hours on the road to see all we did Today. Staci and I are going to sleep now. So Goodnight from Bangor, Maine.


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  1. Yes I did go by Fort Devens and of course quite the Story occurred at the Museum, The Ski Resort and our Campground. Staci was amazed at the things that happened while there. Working on that Post or Posts.

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