Bangor, Maine – September 25th 2017

We were off from Sawyer’s and Judi’s home and on our way to the Atlantic Ocean via Bangor, Maine. We planned to stay at a place next to a Horse track. I thought Staci might enjoy seeing the Horses, but when we pulled into the site the power was missing at some sites. Then a guy comes up and tells us he is kind of the camp host and hopes we are not wanting to use the power as the city 2 weeks earlier condemned the place due to power issues. Asks up not to run our Air conditioner. Well we were out of there faster than Cheyenne our puppy won Staci’s heart. We made a call to the Pumpkin Patch RV Park. Staci loved the name and we love the Park. It is quiet, full hook ups and I can run the air conditioner with the windows open if I want. All in all a great place and we will add a photo when I find it.

Staci almost missed the Sign welcome to Maine, So I thought I would add a panoramic shot of Maine. Yes it looks like Vermont or New Hampshire. They are all next to each other you know. Without the border sign it is tough to tell when you go from one to the other up here.

We did get the sign Welcome to New Hampshire. All ten miles of it where we crossed, thus why Staci missed Maine. It came up too fast she said. 

Hey Sawyer saw something in a store you might like, well maybe Judi

This color might be more your style OD Green. Thought of you two when I saw them and had to take a photo.